Tips for Buying Jewellery Online

Although buying jewellery online is a great way to save money, you need to do some research before spending thousands of pounds on a diamond ring or a watch. These tips can help you make smart decisions about making purchases online.

Only Buy from Reputable Websites

There are thousands of websites that sell jewellery, so you need to do some research before using your credit card to make a purchase. Before giving anyone your personal and financial information, search the website for indications that your purchases will be secure. Most sites will display a padlock icon or a small banner proclaiming their site has been verified to be secure.

Check for contact information on the site. If the website is run by a brick and mortar company, they should have their store address listed or a company address listed if they are only an e-commerce business. They should also have a toll-free telephone number to call if you have questions or problems with your purchase. In addition, their shipping methods and a return policy should be easy to find on their site.

Know What You’re Buying

It doesn’t matter if you are buying a diamond ring or a gold necklace: you should have some knowledge of the product you’re buying. For diamond rings and gemstones, you should know the stones and the ring setting are always sold separately. So, when you see a price listed for a setting it does not include the diamond or gemstone, even though the image may show a complete ring.


Educate yourself about what to look for in diamonds, gemstones, and precious metal jewellery. You should be aware of the four “Cs” for diamonds: colour, clarity, cut and carat. Gold jewellery is sold by weight, also called carats, but fine silver will have a quality mark as will platinum, titanium, and other fine metals. There should also be a maker’s mark on any fine jewellery pieces that you buy.

Buy the Right Size

It is important to know the size of the ring or the length of the necklace when you buy jewellery online. Since you cannot easily take it back to have it resized or exchanged, you will want to get the sizing right before you place an order. You can find more information about jewellery purchases at

Read Website Reviews

Most websites have an area with testimonials and reviews, so take time to read them before committing money to an expensive piece of jewellery. People are only too glad to share their experiences with a company, especially if they have been especially bad or really good. Reading reviews can also help you determine if a site is reputable.

You can save quite a bit of money when you buy jewellery online because there are so many sites that the prices have to be competitive. As long as you research the websites where you make your purchases, you should be able to find good prices on everything from diamond rings to elegant watches to costume jewellery pieces.