The Main One-Week NO SHOP Diet

The Main One-Week NO SHOP Diet –

…or steps to make people realize what forces lie beneath

What can happen if People in america stopped searching for 1 week? I am talking about, not starve to dying, still purchase the necessary food, but stop going insane and accumulate the most recent devices like squirrels or get all worked up at the view of a taco covering holder (Produced in China) on purchase. Let’s say we opposed the need, the addiction, to look and rather selected a stroll, spoken to some neighbor or petted the cat?

The planet depends on the American shopper to keep the ‘economic growth’ madness. Do you think about, why we really should grow? Let’s say we shrank? If putting it in perspective, eternal growth doesn’t seem possible. When we continue adding people the worldwide count if humanity. There’s only a lot space on the planet. The planet cannot support eight billion or even more occupants desiring first world lifestyle. It is a factor of impossibility. So, so what can we all do? You have it – stop shopping. Stop wasting sources. Live an ordinary existence.

When the American shopper continued strike, would the planet arrived at an finish? Would the organization profit wheel stop spinning? ‘They’ certainly would reveal the planet is near imploding, that Toys R Us is simply too big to fail and now we must continue to consume the plastic toys from China…otherwise… Otherwise?

You have it. ‘Otherwise’ means ‘they’ may have to reexamine the madness of the present system. And who’d convey the content. Yes – nobody else than YOU!