Fashion Tips to Style Your Chinos Like a Star

Chinos represent one of the men’s wardrobe staple pieces. You can wear them round the clock, in every season and for almost any occasion you can think of. They’ve surely changed along the decades, but something timeless is still there in their design. Although they started as military uniform trousers, chinos are perfect with today’s casual style.

How to pick the color?

Chinos come in every color imaginable nowadays. Should you give in and opt for red, purple, green or bright yellow maybe? That depends. Take a look at your current wardrobe and the shoes you are planning to wear. Is it mostly black and white (or neutral tones)? Then you may venture into the rainbow area of chino fashion. You should avoid the colour clash. If, on the contrary, your clothing and accessories tend to be on the colourful side, you should definitely choose neutral chinos (black, gray, white, neutral brown, ivory, khaki, cream, beige and taupe).

The best shoes for your chinos

Since this represents an incredibly versatile type of pants, you can safely pair them with almost anything- from dressy shoes to big, chunky sports ones that climb up on your ankles (the type you leave untied). It’s perfectly fine if your chinos will be wrinkled around the ankle, if you’re going for the hip-hop outfit. If you’d like a more classic, dressy look, then make sure they’re a perfect fit – no wrinkling. Chinos pants can also be worn with loafers or with boat shoes and no socks. Since they’re meant to be very simple pants, you can choose to make a statement by opting for an outstanding pair of shoes actually.

Fabrics that compliment chinos

Stars know that a classic pair of these pants can make a special piece of fabric stand out. This is why they’re wearing them with camel suede shoes, for example, but also with top pieces, like leather or denim jackets. If the weather is hot you may as well have a floaty shirt. Bomber jackets also make for an incredibly fine example.

Formal outfit chinos

In case your look needs to be formal, have a neutral colour pair along with a blazer and a dressy shirt underneath. Dark (black or navy), tan or cream/grey chinos are considered the best for such occasion. Avoid rolling them in a formal context.

Styling chinos in a casual outfit

The trendy way to wear chinos these days is to pair them with vivid blazers and even prints. As for the colour, crisp white chinos are a favourite of stylish celebrities, but pretty much anything goes. You can wear white ones with brown, burgundy, grey and especially blue pieces (or a combination of these). Wear a pair of suspenders if your aim is to stand out. Accessories also matter if you want to get the star look. Most celebrities choose a contrasting colour for the shoes and opt for an identical shade belt. Wear them also with cardigans and flannel shirts, but as you do this, pay attention to the colour scheme.

Chinos are a piece that can be dressed up or down with ease, depending on the occasion. To get the best match, you absolutely need to make sure they’re the perfect fit to your body – they’re not supposed to be skinny, nor loose or baggy.