Choose Prom Dress Color that Compliments Your Personality and Style

Well, Prom Night is at the corner and this is the high time to pick the beautiful prom dress and turn the heads of the onlookers in the prom party. When choosing perfect prom look, be sure to go with the style that suits your body and compliment your personality. Color of the prom dress is something that you cannot afford to ignore as the right choice can flaunt your beauty and the wrong choice can ruin everything. With the endless array of colors available, picking the best one that suits your style is a bit tough. We have few tips that may help you in deciding that which Prom Dress color compliments you specifically.

Understanding the color pallet

You can wear any color you want but it is important to understand that there are some colors that are simply easier to pull off than other. There is a high chance that there will be one color that cannot do anything for you while other can make your look beyond glamorous. So, colors elicit a range of emotions and visual effects from us. For example, red excites while blue calms. The color wheel is divided in warm hues and cool hues and all you need to do is determine your personality and pick the color that helps you in flaunt the same. Opt for the correct color combination that can please the eyes of the onlookers. Try to balance warm and cool colors in controlled amounts so that the resultant Prom Dress will look classy and elegant.

Go with ‘YOUR’ Color

With the color theory in your mind, now it is the high time to consider your personal color palette. Look, we all have different skin tones and thus it is important to select the color that complements our skin tone well; rather than making us dull and clumsy. Skin tone plays a huge role in deciding how a color looks on you. While choosing color pallet, you should follow the thumb rule that you shouldn’t go with the color that is identical to your undertone pigment. However, you can go with the colors that have similar temperature as your undertone.

So, you will first have to determine your own undertone pigment and temperature and only the pick the Prom Dress. Let me help you in determining the same by differentiating between base pigment and undertone pigment.

Base Pigment

To know your base pigment, pinch the back of your hand; whatever color you see is your base pigment. If you see pink or rosy then certain pink colors might make your skin seem dull. If you see peach or bright red, then red color might make you seem feverish. If greenish or yellowish color appears then yellow and green color Prom Dress could make you look sticky.


The way to discern the undertone is the vein test. Look at your veins, if they appear blue then you have a cool undertone and if they appear green then you have warm undertone. Pick the color pallet that goes with your undertone temperature and grab the eyeballs of the onlookers within no time.

A plenty of Prom Dress color options are available and you should look for a dress that is red carpet worthy and make you look elegant and classy.