10 Housewarming Gifts to Get Someone for Christmas

So, you have been invited for a housewarming function of one of your family members or friends and you are not sure what gift to get them… Yes, picking the right Christmas gifts could prove to be daunting. The problem here is not actually because there are so many gifting options and due to lack of options. Let’s try to narrow down to ten interesting house warming gifts that you could consider for someone for Christmas.

  1. Tea Light Holders – This could be a cool gift especially during the Christmas season. When the family gets together for Christmas, it will be a nice addition on the dining table. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  2. Coffee Mugs – Today, you could get personalized mugs. You could even have photos printed on the mug. You might think of adding photos of special moments you had with the family members or it could be their pet, anything that connects with the family in some way is fine.
  3. Makeup Organizer – This will help in keeping the dressing table free from clutter. The one who receives this housewarming gift will love you for such a thoughtful gift and remember you with a smile each time they are using the dressing table. These makeup organizers are available in countless shapes and designs.
  4. Key Holders or Key Hangers – Oh yes, one thing all of them are going to have problems with when they move into the new house is managing their keys. A key holder or key hanger will of course be an excellent addition to their home.
  5. Automatic Vacuum Cleaner – This will prove to be an excellent gift as it totally removes the need to spend several hours vacuuming the house and even better, one need not have to worry about moving around heavy furniture to vacuum the space. These vacuums could be programmed to follow different vacuuming patterns to suit one’s indoor space.
  6. Wi-Fi Enabled Home Security System – These home security systems could be hooked up with smartphones. This will enable the person to monitor their home even when they are away.
  7. Programmable Pet Feeders – An excellent gift for homes with pets. The programmable pet feeders could be programmed to feed the pets on pre-set time intervals. The pets need not wait for their owners to come home to be fed.
  8. Wireless Mobile Chargers With Clock – Every home today has a minimum of two mobile phones. Wireless mobile chargers will certainly be a wonderful gift that you could confidently go for without any hesitation. This is one of the most frequently featured gifts For Men in the online gifts stores like DadShop.
  9. Aroma Diffusers – These have still not become out of fashion. People still love these aroma diffusers. You can create your own spa like feel in the home with these diffusers.
  10. Music Box Sets – Music makes one’s home feel like home. Learn what type of music one likes and your loved one’s favourite artists and go for box sets to wow them. These box sets come in excellent handcraft boxes that could become part of the interior décor.