How to Look Good With Age

We all want to look our best, and as we get older, the challenges are to keep that youthful glow, and what you wear has a lot to do with how you look. The A-listers carry age well, as they should, with an army of people working behind the scenes to create the desired image, they continue to look youthful and energetic. Here are a few tips on how to keep that age at bay, and look both healthy and hip, despite the years that just seem to keep coming.


For the older ladies, makeup can be a problem, and one shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking more colour compensates, as it can make you look like a drag queen. Greys and pale shades of lipstick will enhance the characteristics you already have, without making too much of a statement.


Nothing that emphasises areas where we have lost that shape, so for a spring or autumn day, slacks and a down jacket are ideal, and with the right footwear, you will look elegant. Figure hugging outfits are not on the menu, unless you still have that hourglass figure, rather opt for something that flows. Many women make the mistake of trying to wear outfits that worked when they were a little firmer, and with ageing, one must accept the realities of nature, and avoid trying to turn back time, as much as you’d like to, as it rarely works.

Stay active

A healthy body is more important as one gets older, and one can stave off the years by regular exercise. The younger body finds its own level, while the aging person struggles to find the right balance between exercise and pain, and this can be easily achieved by cycling, or a gentle aerobic program.

Down Jacket_0

Eat the right foods

When you are young, the taste buds rule, and it doesn’t seem to matter what we consume, it all works out well. As we age, our metabolism changes, and extra calories don’t get burned away, but hang around the midriff, like an unwanted guest, so be careful about too much of anything that isn’t balanced.

Be confident in your choices

You are what you wear, or so they say, and this means one shouldn’t spend too much time thinking about how others might see us. A confident woman can carry off most fashion choices, so remember the aim of the game is to look and feel right.

Online shopping

This is the best way to buy new clothes, and with discounted prices, one can keep abreast with the latest fashions and trends, without breaking the bank. There are online clothing suppliers that specialise in the more mature look, and with the right choices, looking good has never been easier.

Self-confidence is everything

Choose your look carefully, and make sure it is right, then wear it with confidence, and you will throw back the years, and create the perfect image.