Are you sick of heels?

Wearing heels have been in vogue for a long time now. A perfect complement to any dress, heels is loved by every woman in this world. More than a style statement, heels have been a boon for women who are short. They do not worry about their height any longer as they are shown to be tall when they wear a pair of heels along with their dress.

Of late, heels are slowly moving out of fashion. What was once used by every woman is now being pushed to the back of the closet. Women are now moving on to other styles when it comes to ladies shoes like the slip on shoes, sneakers, wedges or the espadrille shoes. With the thought of trying out new styles, these other footwear styles have now taken the front row, leaving behind the good old pair of heels.

Women around the globe are now getting tired of wearing the same old heels and looking out for a change. Regular heels have become very common, and it ishigh time everyone bids goodbye to them for the time being. These cannot simply just go out of fashion, but it is imperative that they go through a style change if they need to stay in the front. The new range of casual shoes for women that are currently in style are:

  • Slip on shoes:

Comfy and goes along with nearly all the dresses that you own, slip on shoes is simply great and soothing for your feet. The style that is common to both men and women, these shoes are more or else the mix of the common loafers, sneakers, and pumps that we see every day. Unlike the regular sneakers, these do not have any lace to tie around. This canbe worn along with pants, skirts, and dresses. Be it either a casual day out or footwear for the office, anyone can pull off this look with much ease.

These slip-ons are the latest in trend, and a must wear if you want to pull off the chic yet elegant look. These come in all ranges of colours, eccentric styles, and patterns. For all those people who feel that these flat shoes might not make them look tall, do not worry! The slip ons come with a thick sole, mostly white and adds alittle height to your figure.

  • Espadrilles:

To those people who have not heard of these before, these are mostly similar to running shoes. They are set apart from the others by their characteristic jute rope soles. This is the most common footwear worn by both men and women during spring and summer season. These pair of shoes has cotton or canvas upper cover and the jute soles. These are normally available as flat and thick soled casual wears but with modernity catching up, these are also available as heeled footwear. This has come as a change from the regular high heels that have been welcomed by all.

Try out these new ranges of footwear if you feel that your regular pair of heels has started to bore you out. Mix and match the styles and create a style statement for yourself today!