8 Toys You Won’t Shop for Your Kids

When shopping for your kid’s toys, you should be careful in choosing particularly to children below 5 years old. At their age, it is necessary to be selective in terms of toys because accidents occur at least expected. Keep your kids on guard and make the most of your money when shopping for your kid’s toys.

 Here are 8 toys to disregard on your shopping list.

  1. Tiny toys

Tiny bulk wholesale toys at Little Smiles can inflict pain to your child more than you can imagine. The tinier they are, the more pain they can give. There’s no way to avoid small toys especially when dark so your child may step on it barefooted. What’s worse, they may end up in your toddler’s mouth.

  1. Toys creating irritating sound

Fire truck and police car toys are those that scream and make 20 seconds siren once you touch the button. Believe me, once your kid discovered the button, he will push it repeatedly for straight hours. Certainly, the noise it creates can be very annoying.

  1. Toys that can be converted into weapons

Toys that look like real weapons is a big NO to kids. These include drumsticks, car tracks, guns etc. Other toys are like real weapons in the making so get yourself ready with assaults and attacks once you purchase them.

  1. Wheeled toys that you kid can’t operate by himself

A scooter or tricycle attracts your kid’s curiosity on how it operates. Never attempt to buy this ride on toys for kids or you want your back to break in pushing it every now and then.

  1. A toy bed

Did you think about buying a toddler’s bed? Promise, you are just wasting your money to something that isn’t necessary at all. Find somewhere else in the house where you can teach your child to crawl comfortably. Look for a spacious room where he/she can crawl with you.

  1. Toys which can be stripped into tiny pieces

For your child’s sake, make no mistake when it comes to these toys. You’ll see, ten minutes after buying the toy, stickers are all over your car’s window and tiny pieces are scattered at the back seat. In case this happens, you would not want to assemble the toy again for your sake.

  1. A story book with over a hundred pages

Children’s books are interesting because they easily capture your child’s attention. You may buy them if you can stand reading every night and day but if not, just go for other toys.


  1. Toys with radars, detectors or sensors

You’ll regret buying this for your child when you make noise  as soon as you walk on or pass by the sensor. It can be a total disaster for the entire house if the toy alarms every once in a while.

It takes money and effort to become a responsible parent. Even when buying toys such as electric ride on toys Australia, you should see to it that you are pulling off the right toys that suits their age. As much as you want your kid to be happy with the toy, his safety and your convenience must be your first consideration.